Yoga Series

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Whatever your mood or situation, I guarantee there’s a yoga flow to make you feel better!

Your LBE Yoga series are effective, time efficient yoga videos for you to work through as and when you want. No time for a class? No problem!


Get Happy!! – £1.99







You know those days when you’re having a bit of a grump, and you’re not sure why?

And you just can’t seem to shake it off?!

Well, I’ve created this 15 minute flow just for yooouuuuu 🙂

This selection of postures and stretches will allow stagnant, stuck energy to flow freely around your body, increasing your energy levels and boosting your mood.

You can practice this flow at any time of day whether you need energising for a busy and productive day, or you need to shake of some bad vibes after a busy, hectic work day.


Grounded – £1.99








Those days when your brain won’t stop chit chatting can make you feel wired and unproductive.

You know, when you have so many things whizzing around in your brain that you don’t know where to start and you just want to screeeaaaammmm!

I’ve noticed with many clients over the years that sometimes they just aren’t fully present during a workout or yoga class, because their mind won’t switch off.

It’s easy to tell yourselves that you’re multi-tasking, when you’re actually just attempting to do several things at once….. and failing.

Anything worth doing is worth giving it your 100% undivided attention. Right?

So, the good news is that you can take just 15 minutes to re-ground yourself when your mind is working overtime.

Yep, 15 minutes.

And if you insist that you don’t have 15 minutes to spare…..

YOU should take 30 minutes 😉


Strengthen Your Core – £1.99









To be quite frank, your entire life becomes easier when you have a stronger core 🙂

– Less chance of back pain.

– The ability to stand or walk for longer periods of time.

– Easier exercise!

– More energy.

This flow will strengthen and tone your entire core, including your abdominals, obliques (waistline), and lower back.

Add this into you weekly schedule twice to notice the difference in no time!


A Yoga Flow for Your Flow – £1.99







Many yoga postures can actually disturb your natural flow and hormone balance during your period, and it’s much safer to practice gentle, tension-easing asanas (postures) instead.

During the heaviest days of your menstruation (maybe the first 3-4), we should be avoiding any inversions, core work, strength work (such as arm balances) and deep twists.


There are several postures that can really HELP you to release tension, relieve cramps, and increase your happy hormones.


And guess what…

Yep, I’ve compiled my favourite into a video for you 🙂


Yoga Flow for Digestion – £1.99








Certain postures in a Yoga practice really focus on your digestive organs to help you with any digestive discomfort you might be experiencing, plus, a few specific yoga postures in the morning can really help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

For example…

Twists gently squeeze your intestines to help with the elimination process and reduce bloating/gases (damn that’s sexy).

Circular motions help to massage your stomach to aid digestion.

Forward folds stimulate the abdominal organs to relieve constipation and other digestive problems, AND help to reduce belly fat.

Take 20 minutes to flow through this yoga routine and benefit from:

– Kick starting your digestive system.

– De-bloating.

– Speeding up your metabolism.


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Buy the Complete Yoga Series HERE!! (£7.99)