Mat Based Workouts

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Want to build your strength and improve muscle tone on the mat? I got you!

Whether you want to trim down and tone up, or increase your muscle for your Yoga practice, your low impact Lady Boss Elite mat based workouts are here to help you on your way!

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Strong Core Killer Waist – £1.99

This workout will seriously firm up and strengthen your core muscles! We’ll be focusing on your lower back, abdominals and obliques for an improved posture, less back pain and stronger workout form.

Take this slow and steady for 2-4 sets of each exercise.

(approx. 7 minutes per set)








Fab Abs Tight Buns£1.99

As the title suggests…. Strengthen and tighten your abdominals and glutes for a tighter, more toned shape. Get ready to workout your waistline, lower tummy, bootay and back of your thighs. Build up to 3-4 sets of the exercises for fast results!

(approx. 6 minutes per set)








My Lovely Lady Lumps – £1.99

Chest, hips and tushy – Let’s go! A 30 minute mat-based workout to lift and firm your bust, sculpt and slim your hips, and get your booty looking peachy! No dumbbells required, just add them in if you feel like it.

Aim for 3 sets of the exercises for killer results.








Bringing Sexy Back – £1.99

Want to strengthen your back, shoulders and waistline without hitting the dumbbells? This workout will sculpt and strengthen your upper body without even having to leave your mat. Repeat 2-4 sets through for maximum results.

(approx 6 minutes per set)










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