Get Back On Track -FAST!


Too many sweet treats creeping into your daily diet?

Finding it tricky to get motivated for a workout?

Feeling bad about feeling bad?!

If you’ve fallen off the health wagon and that rubbish, icky feeling is starting to take over on a daily basis….

It’s time to get a grip.

Take hold of the reigns and take back control of your health (and life).

Ready for a kick-start but don’t know the quickest way about it?

Here are a few handy tips to get you back on track, boost your energy, and slay the icky feeling that you’re not doing enough for your body right now…


Clean Up

Well duh! It won’t be a shock to know that you’re feeling a bit crap because you’ve been eating crap. You might even have been letting those refined sugars slip back into your diet without really realising it…. A few extra glasses of wine a week, picking at the bread basket when you go out to eat, ‘treating yourself’ to a sugary desert or a take away a few days a week…. It all adds up girl!

Remember, the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you will want to eat – Eurgh! Vicious, vicious circle!

Cut out the refined sugars and white carbs by making yourself some healthy alternatives. Prep your fridge with some brown rice and quinoa, wholewheat wraps, steamed veggies and healthy sweet treats to stop you reaching for the easy, (sugar filled) version when the munchies kick in.

Try these delicious Dark Chocolate Pistachio Truffles for curbing the munchies:


Drink Up and Flush it Out

Toxins are removed from your body via sweating, exhaling and peeing! So flush out the toxin build up and boost your energy by increasing your water consumption throughout the day. Add fresh lemon slices to your water (warm or cold), to help with your toxin release, as the de-limonene enzyme compound found in the lemon peel will help your body to continue flushing out toxins all day. Consuming warm water and lemon on an empty tummy in the morning can also help to give a sleepy, sluggish digestive system a kick up the beeee-hind too!


Move More

Rev up your metabolism by moving that booty! The more you move, the higher your body temperature becomes. The higher your body temperature, the harder your body needs to work throughout the day to stabelise it, which means a higher metabolism! Wooooo! If you’re not quite ready for a workout routine yet, even a 20 minute walk every day will help to rev up your metabolism, and remember that the earlier in the day you exercise, the higher your body temperature (metabolism) remains all day!

Short bursts of interval training or compound exercises work wonders for fast metabolic elevation. Try this compound move to feel the burn:

Log It

Not sure if you’re overeating, under exercising, or working hard enough to meet your goals?… Write it all down!

(There’s nothing like journaling what you put in your mouth to make you reconsider that 3rd cookie)

Keep yourself a diary to track your goal, progress, your daily diet, planned or completed workouts and reminding yourself of your daily achievements!

This is a really simple way to analyse if the energy going into taking care of your health is reflective of the results you’re seeing and feeling.

You’ve got this!