Eat THIS to Burn Fat!


Fact: You’ve GOT to eat fat to burn fat.

The fat stores that your body so kindly builds for you around your hips/thighs/belly?…

You will NOT burn this unless you’re supplying the body with a fresh source of fat to metabolise.

Yep, gone are the days of low fat diets – Now, chowing down on healthy fats is the place to be!

I’m sure you know someone who still asks you, “how much fat is in that?”


But rather than looking at the amount of fat in food, let’s focus on the quality of the fat you’re eating.

Healthy, nutritious fats, such as avocados, nuts, coconut oil and olives are absolutely VITAL to a healthy diet.

Did you know that vitamins A, D, E & K are ONLY soluble in fat, which means that your body cannot absorb these vital vitamins if you’re not consuming enough fats.

(which is bad news, obvs).

Fat is also a fab source of fuel to get your metabolic furnace fired up!

A gram of fat packs twice the amount of energy as a gram of protein or carbohydrate, therefore providing you with twice the amount of energy throughout the day.

As fat takes more energy for your bod to break it down, it sends your metabolism into overdrive, helping you to burn more calories – hurraahhhhh!

Eating a breakfast which includes healthy fats will increase your metabolic rate for the whole day AND provide you will a shed load of energy until lunchtime.


Awesome calorie burning aside, consuming healthy fats are vital to helping your body towards:

– Maintaining Heart Health

– Improving Blood Cholesterol Balance

– Fighting Fatigue

Ready to add more healthy, juicy fats into your diet? Try these:

– Sprinkle nuts or seeds into your yogurt, porridge or stir-fry.

– Add avocado or olive oil to your salads.

– Chop up half an avocado and stir in honey and flaked almonds for a brilliant mid-afternoon, energy boosting snack.

– Nibble on olives with hummus, or chop them up and add them into salads.

Nom nom nom 🙂

 Try this yummy avocado based smoothie: