About Leah



Hola, Bonjour, Hola and Namaste!

You’ve probably had a nosey around my website, and now you’re thinking…

Why should you listen to me?

Well, trust me…

I’ve been exactly where a lot of other chicks are right now.

  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Frustrated
  • Confused

Here’s a brief summary of why I can guarantee to rapidly get you back on track:

Remember, if you DON’T want help and you’re happy with your life EXACTY as it is – DO NOT continue to read through this page. You don’t need me.

Who am I?….

“Hi, I’m Leah”

 *geeky wave*


I’m a certified Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach. 

I’m also a daughter, sister, friend, blogger, business woman, gypsy, and salsa dancer.

I LOVE eating and I LOVE wine.

I’m very clumsy.

I curse (fucking loads), I lift weights, I love cooking (and eating).

 I prefer animals to humans.

Sometimes, I drink too much coffee.

I love the beach, sunshine and seaside-y type things.


Now, understand me…. 

What I do is all about YOU.

This is about you getting the help you need to get the life you want.

But seeing as you’re as nosey as me, here’s a bit about my background and training…


– I was a professional dancer and spent 3 years training full time at UK dance colleges.

Which lead to…

– Obsessive behaviour towards food and exercise, such as breakfast cereal diets, calorie counting, NEVER eating fats and a LOT of cardio work at the gym.

FYI – I highly dislike running.

So then….

– I trained as an Aerobics Instructor to keep me busy in between dance jobs. Which were VERY few and far between for me and my chunky butt.

The natural progression…

– Was to keep training within the fitness industry, becoming certified as a nutrition coach and in various methods of fitness training. Eventually focussing on health and fitness as my main career.


I moved to the Middle East! 5 years in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain gave me a COMPLETELY different outlook on life and training (both myself and my clients).

I also created my first online, interactive health and fitness ebook, the ‘6 Week Shape Up Challenge’, which helped a LOT of chicks get their sexy BACK.


– I became frustrated with being a Personal Trainer. The cultural differences in the Middle East, teamed with natural barriers towards fitness and exercise in general, meant I needed something to help towards achieving even better, faster results with my clients.


I became a Life Coach. I’ve learnt how to manage stress, tackle lifestyle challenges, breakdown barriers, and how to increase personal development.

I got my own shit together and made some big life decisions. With my life now in order and as well organised as I feel necessary, I realised who I am and what I want out of life (sorry, we’ve only just met and that might be a bit too deep).

I’ve stopped training towards HUGE, overwhelming fitness goals and now eat and exercise to stay fit, healthy, happy and energised.

And then I found a love of yoga (and I was convinced I didn’t have any inner peace) and booked a month’s training in India to learn how to teach Yoga and the art of meditation.

It might sound cheesy, but it was 100% life changing.

And after all of that selfish self discovery, hippy balls…. I still really, really like to drink wine.


I’m going to give you ALL the hint and tips I can, to get you feeling like a seriously accomplished bad ass.

– Goal Setting

– Stress Management

– Beneficial Health Tips

– Energising Recipes

– Fast, Effective Workouts

I hope you’re ready for all of this…..

For more info on the Health Coaching I offer… CLICK HERE

Leah xx