A Workout to Suit Your Mood

You know when you’ve planned a bad ass gym workout, and then you wake up in the morning and just do NOT feel like it?

Good news.

There are other options 😉

We all have those days when the workout you planned just isn’t doing it for you.

Maybe you’re too tired to lift weights.

Too sore to run.

Too anxious to focus in a Yoga class.

That’s cool.

You don’t need to skip your workout completely – Just mix it up!


When you’re full of energy…

In a great mood and feeling more bouncy than Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger? Make the most of your flow of energy and endorphins, and put your back into it with a HIIT workout, weight training or a nice long run. If you’re mind is a little cluttered, this kind of workout can help you to burn some excess stress too.

Give this a whirl!


When you’re anxious…

Not able to concentrate or having trouble sleeping because of a busy mind? Get on your mat for some Pilates or high energy Yoga. This should be just enough movement to help you sweat out some stress and toxins and boost your happy hormones, but you’ll also feel more connected to yourself as your exercises will have you focusing on your breath control, and drawing your attention towards yourself.

Take 15 minutes for this flow 🙂


When you’re pre-menstrual…

I get it, you’re a little angry or irritated, you need to burn some bad vibes, but you don’t have the energy for anything too full on. Eurgh, what a pickle! When I’m feeling this way, I usually focus on body-weight resistance toning exercises. This helps to sweat out a little irritation, but isn’t as knackering as lifting weights! Follow up with some gentle and relaxing Yoga to unwind…

Try this lower body workout for a little sweat:


When you’re sleepy or sore…

If you’re feeling a super attack of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), or just tired AF… maybe you need a rest day? Take one, and enjoy it!

If it feels like a little bit of movement would help you to loosen up and feel better, try some myofacsia release with a foam roller or massage balls to help release tight muscle tissue, and break down built-up lactic acid. Then maybe head outside for a gentle walk or enjoy some time on your mat for a Yin or Restorative Yoga Practice? Remember to always listen to your body 🙂

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