Life Coaching


Life Coaching is ALL about YOU.

For once in your busy, hectic life…. This is all you, baby.

It’s getting you what you want, in order to feel happier, more content, less stressed and a total LADY BOSS.

If you’re not quite sure what you want (#girlproblems), regular coaching with a certified Life Coach can help you arrange your thoughts by tidying up your brain – like a little spring clean for your emotional and physical stressors.

Whether short term goals like becoming more organised in your daily schedule, having more time to spend with family or starting a health regime.


Working towards long term achievements: Having the balls to set up your own business, running a marathon, successful weight management or finally kicking that stupid ass waste man out of your life…

Let me tell you what Life Coaching is NOT:

It’s NOT therapy.

It’s NOT a pity party (A Lady Boss does NOT pity herself).

It’s NOT being told exactly what to do (You’re guna figure that out with the help of your coach).

It IS helping you to feel happier, more content and less stressed, by:

– Figuring out what the hell it is that you actually want.

– Gaining stronger, more positive direction in your life.

– Making you super organised and focussed on your goals.

– Helping you to achieve balance between your current life, and creating the life you really want to lead.

– Guiding you towards what you need to be doing right now in order to feel happier.

 So if you’re completely content with how your life is right now, and don’t feel you could improve any aspect of your life.

If you don’t have any desires to feel happier….

Look away now.

What I’m offering is NOT for you.


If you think that feeling more in control of your life might be nice…

If you want to feel like you can flip your middle finger to any negative drama or stress that’s thrown your way?…

You MIGHT just be ready to join one of the Lady Boss Elite 1:1 Health Coaching programmes.

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