1:1 Health Coaching


Your Lady Boss Elite coaching packages are available in Central & North London, or via Video Call.  Please contact me for availability.

I help busy, successful women to keep on top of their health and lifestyle balance, assisting them to feel more energised, more productive, and less stressed.

Lost or gained weight recently?

– Constantly feeling ill or lethargic?

Feeling completely at a loss when it comes to your nutrition?

– Sick of forever calorie counting, following fad diets and juice cleanses?

– Unable to get your hormones under control?

I started coaching to help women avoid burnout, and the guilt we find ourselves feeling for trying (and often failing) to be able to do everything. For wanting to be fit and healthy, have a relationship, excel in our career, stay in shape, eat for energy, have an active social life, to constantly be striving towards achieving more – It’s exhausting, right?

Ready for a kick in the tushy to finally get your shizzle together?!

Your holistic health coaching, Lady Boss Elite Programme is here to help!

As a certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, I’ve got yo’ back covered from all angles gurrrrl.

(If you’re not sure what any of this really means, find out a bit more about me and what I do HERE)

We ALL fall off the wagon sometimes. Work, life, family and other commitments sometimes leave us putting our health at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list, right?

You do not need to feel guilty for wanting more out of life.

You do not need to become stressed to enable a work/life balance.

You do NOT need to over-exercise and under-eat to be healthy.

Fact – You cannot take care of business without taking care of yourself first.

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Your family will benefit from you being healthier.

Your career or business will sky rocket when you’re healthier, happier and more productive.

Your entire lifestyle will improve when you finally have the energy for it.

I developed your Lady Boss Elite plan to help you get back in control of your health, and to easily maintain it.

No dieting.

Never saying “no” to any food.

No over exercising or long daily gym workouts.

Never counting calories or macros.

Just natural, body-loving food, an achievable exercise programme, and a helping hand every step of the way.

You and me, figuring out where you’re at in your life right now, and discovering the path you need to take to get where you want to be…

This is NOT a programme that limits what you can and can’t eat, or forces you to immediately change all of your current habits – F*ck no. You’ll be miserable and we won’t get results.

I want happy clients who enjoy their life and the changes they choose to make.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey….


You will learn to:

Balance your lifestyle so that taking care of your health doesn’t feel like a challenge.

– Shop, cook and eat to boost your health and metabolism.

– Easily manage your work/social life/healthy lifestyle balance.

Exercise for your specific body type.

Your Lady Boss Elite packages include 60 or 90 minute, 1:1 coaching sessions which will focus on reviewing your process in achieving the weekly or bi-weekly goals we set together, and setting further goals before moving on to any practical work necessary to advance your personal progress, such as:

– Cooking lessons.

– Kitchen clear out.

– Nutrition classes.

– Help with your grocery shopping.

– Yoga practice.

– Stretch and fascia release session.

– Fitness training.

I told you I’ve got your back covered from all angles…. Can I get a HELL YEAH?!


Your Lady Boss Elite coaching packages are available in Central & North London, or via Video Call.  Please contact me for availability.

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